Benefits of correctly aligned wheels on commercial vehicles

There are a vast amount of benefits to correctly aligning wheels on commercial vehicles, which we’ll go through below.

Benefits of correctly aligned wheels


Incorrect wheel alignment will increase the rolling resistance of a vehicle, as approximately 30% of the vehicle’s fuel is used to overcome tyre rolling resistance and therefore any small amount of misalignment will substantially increase fuel consumption. A saving of in excess of 2% is commonly achieved by our customers.


As you would expect, incorrect wheel alignment has a detrimental effect on the life of the tyres; causing them to wear unevenly, prematurely and consequently effecting the handling characteristics of the vehicle. As proven by many of our customers, correct wheel alignment will rectify this and can increase the tyre life by over 20%.We proven with careful monitoring to include turning on rims or swapping for side to side MUCH MORE THAN THIS CAN BE ACHIEVED and for this reason we are adding this to our service in some cases.


There is growing pressure on governments, industry and transport to reduce CO2 emissions which has lead to more efficient engines such as euro IV and V. However, if vehicles are not correctly aligned, as explained earlier their efficiency is compromised and the saving in fuel and potential for reduction in CO2 emissions will still be lost.


If wheels are misaligned it can cause the vehicle to veer to either the left or right, demanding corrective steering by the driver and, as such, can increase fatigue on both the driver and vehicle. Uneven tyres do not adhere to the road or handle efficiently and incorrect wheel alignment puts unnecessary stress on steering joints, wheel bearings and other steering components which can reduce their effective lifespan.