Effects and dangers of misalignment

It’s so important to know about the effects and dangers of wheel misalignment, otherwise it’s an easy issue to ignore.

Wheel misalignment can cause these dangers and effects:

Uneven tyre wear

When tyres are uneven, your wheel alignment will take a hit. This means a wobbly and wonky drive, potentially causing safety issues for your drivers.

Vehicles pulling to one side

This is a dangerous one. The more and more your wheels become misaligned, the more your vehicle will pull to one side or the other, depending on the type of misalignment. This can cause driver fatigue as concentration levels have to increase to stop the car forcing itself onto pavements, or even into a different lane of traffic.

Uneven or loose steering

This can throw a driver off their concentration on the road ahead. They’re preoccupied with their steering wheel being uneven or loose, creating a distraction and potentially being very dangerous.


This is more of a discomfort than anything. Wheel misalignment can have a vibration effect on a steering wheel, making it uncomfortable for the driver. It can also be distracting and potentially lead to health issues, such as hand / arm vibration (carpal tunnel syndrome).

Poor fuel consumption

More of an effect than a danger, poor wheel alignment can cause poor fuel consumption, leading to higher costs for your company, and making the driver have to stop more often to top up.

Squealing tyres

We all get distracted by new sounds that our vehicles make, but with heavy goods vehicles, it’s not always easy to notice those sounds – or it’s just accepted that they’re ‘normal’. Squealing tyres can be an indication that the wheel alignment is out.

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